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Truckload Connections, an esteemed veteran-owned third-party logistics company, was proudly established by Don Cherry in 2007. With licensing that spans the 48 contiguous states, we boast a devoted team of Dispatchers and Account Executives who are pivotal in guaranteeing the efficient and cost-effective delivery of freight. Our seasoned professionals, with a wealth of experience in the freight logistics industry, consistently provide invaluable support to businesses of all sizes, ensuring the reliability of their shipping needs.

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Don cherry

Founder and President


With over 40 years in the freight logistics industry, Don founded Truckload & LTL Connections LLC in 2007. His passion for the industry and commitment to customer service motivated him to form the company. His commitment to customer service and passion for the industry is what motivated him to form the company.  Today, Truckload and LTL Connections, L.L.C. is moving freight for customers throughout the country and has a  committed staff of Dispatchers and Account Executives to ensure the load gets delivered efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

BEN cherry









Ben focuses on business growth by hiring new employees and identifying strengths and opportunities within the company as well as the freight industry. He also assists with the implementation of new business practices.

Eddie cherry









Eddie’s main focus at Truckload Connections is business growth. He helps hire new employees as well as bringing his many strengths to the company. He helps identify new opportunities for the company. Lastly, he helps implement new business strategies and practices.


Alisa Benda

Director of Administration

Alisa handles accounts payable, accounts receivable, and administrative responsibilities for our team. She has been with the company since it was founded and played an important role in laying the foundation for our company’s success and began her career at Truckload Connections as a Dispatcher.

Lois Hewkin

Dispatch Manager

Lois comes to Truckload Connections with over 15 years of experience in the trucking industry, having operated her own trucking company for many of those years. Lois has experience with various types of freight and maintains a strong relationship with many carriers. 

Murisa Ljubijankic


Murisa joined TLC in 2020. She has joined us with many years of experience in the trucking & shipping field. She brings a multilingual background and creates an entirely new level of service as a dispatcher!

Hana Ljubijankic


Hana joined Truckload Connections in November of 2021.  She has multiple years of experience working in customer service and working with dockhands and carriers. She continues to develop multiple relationships.

Donna Zauss

Account Executive

Donna has 35+ years of experience in transportation logistics. She believes in solid partnerships built on understanding each other’s business, objectives, and goals. Her goal is to identify opportunities aligned with your business needs and goals. She advocates for hard work, dedication, and teamwork as the keys to success.

Peggy Hughes

Account Executive

Peggy joined TLC in 2013 and is based in the Tulsa, OK area. She has over 30 years of experience in the trucking industry including excellent customer service, dispatching, carrier relationships, and shipping and receiving. 

Kristina Langston

Account Executive

Kristina has been in the Trucking field for over a decade. From riding alongside her brother on his OTR, to Dispatching to Brokering Freight. She has a unique talent to the business being a 1-stop-shop for logistics, FTL and LTL alike. Breaking down language barriers a Linguist fluent in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and more. She brings a unique style to businesswoman.

Kelly Gordon

Marketing Coordinator

Kelly joined TLC in 2023 and takes charge of all promotional activities for the company. Her main goal is to spread the word about our company and put our outstanding executives in the spotlight!